Persuasive Essay On Raising The Dropout Age

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How would you feel if your parents we’re getting drag out of there house and going to jail for you not attending at school and what if the dropout age is raised which forces you to go to college? More importantly what if this was happening to you? Thousands of parents are going to jail for their kid not attending school. The dropout age and truancy are such a huge debate that been going on for years with no end in sight, the government needs to step in to finish this debate already. School shouldn’t raise the dropout age because at age 18 people are an adult, parents don’t see truancy as an issue, and don’t have enough money to support their kids in higher education.

There are many kids in the U.S that don’t have money to go to school. For example, research done by the Child fund, an organization, shows that “the poverty rate for single-mother households is 31%, meaning almost 1 in 3 single mothers live in poverty.” (Child fund). This quote explains what many single moms have to live through, meaning that ⅓ of moms live in poverty. Also, there are 31% of single mothers that live under the poverty line. This quote illustrates why the dropout age should not be raised, many kids get a school education to began with. It also tells why 31% of single-moms have it hard trying to get the kids to school when they have no money. This is why not too many kids can’t get a proper education. Another study by the Childfund
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How many single moms live under the poverty line and can’t support their kids. Then, why so many parents don’t see truancy as an issue to began with. Kids don’t want to go to college and why they can’t support their kids in higher education. These reasons are the reasons why so many students and parents don’t want the dropout age to be raise to began

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