Persuasive Essay On Rape In Campus

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Have you ever been in an environment that you are supposed to feel safe in, then that safety gets taken away? When students go to college, they are trying to gain an education that can better them in some type of way. However, when you are on a college campus, safety can be compromised. Then, a place that is suppose to feel like home, may bring up feelings such as discomfort or fear. Rape has been a big problem on the University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana’s campus since before my generation. In the 1970’s, there was an increasing number of rapes and attempts of rapes on campus from the previous year. Volunteers and students came together to come up with a plan to prevent rapes from happening on campus. Since there were no legislations to provide students protection against rape, students and volunteers teamed up using tactics and strategies to fight back against rape.…show more content…
Tufano states, “Champaign police received 38 complaints of rape or attempted rape in the year this newspaper was published. Then the newspaper goes on to talk about the fact that 35 reports of rape were actually reported. However, in the previous year only 29 rapes were reported.” This is a high number of cases that have occured, that could have been prevented. This is an significant fact, because all of the women involved in rape, or attempted rape were affected in some way. They could have been left traumatized, or felt as if they no longer felt safe or protected while being on campus. This should have been a huge concern in the Illinois community because rape is wrong, and if this kept happening, students could start to lose their sense of safety because rape can happen to anyone. Yet, even today, generations later, rape is still a prevalent issue on the U of I
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