Persuasive Essay On Rape In College

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It was like every weekend party hopping on Florida State University campuses. Expect this time was different. One moment I was having a drink with Jill and Jenna and then next thing I’m waking up naked with a strange man on top of me. I fought to try to get him off of me and kept screaming stop. Nothing was working. The feeling of being sexually assaulted is not a feeling any female should have. Female college students have to feel this more than they should. According to CNN, “Among female college students, 23% said they experienced some form of unwanted sexual contact” (Wallace). Sexual assault is not a joke. It is a growing issue in colleges. Female college students need to understand the severity of sexual assault on college campus, assure…show more content…
Speaking out about what has happened to them personally is the best way to help other students understand. Students need to be aware that this can happen to anyone. Female college students have a better chance to be sexual assaulted while being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. According to Campus Safety, “90% of acquaintance rapes involve alcohol” (Gray). While under the influence, people do not think or act in the proper state of mind. This makes them more venerable. Female college students need to know their limits. They should set limits for themselves on how much they drink when they go out. It is not cool or cute to be blacked out drunk at a party and not remember anything that happened. That is when bad things can happen to female college students. Furthermore, one should not drink alone and should always have a friend come along. The friend should be sober. That will help lower the chances of being sexually assaulted. Having someone whose brain is working on all cylinders will help avoid situations that could lead to any form of sexual assault. If it every got to the point where both friends were sexually assaulted, the friend will remember and be able to go to the authorities. In conclusion, sexual assault in college is a real thing and can happen to anyone. Female students need to be aware of it. Tell someone whether it is a daughter, sister or friend

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