Personal Narrative: My Rule

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We can take the instance of rat-hole mining. We are well versed with why the practice is bad and how people are being exploited but have we ever stopped to ask ourselves if the decision to ban the practices has had an impact on those going into the mines? Yes, they are risking their lives. Yes, they are being abused by the overlords who couldn’t care less about their well-being so long as they turn a profit. But what about the miner who was able to put together something that kept him and his family alive by going into the mine? Has our self-righteous obsession with doing the ethical thing clouded our judgement? Has the little man crawling though those shafts not been left behind in this decision to ban the act? I would think we have failed…show more content…
I have had people who have inspired me to become a better person. But the most important person who have inspired me and who I have turned to for inspiration through all the years is my Grandfather. His name is D.Warkhyllew. He was a Government Servant. He worked for the Fisheries Department, Government of Meghalaya. He was the sole earner of the house when my mother was young. He had 5 children. My grandmother was a stay at home mom who had her own small business. With the small salary that he earned, he provided for his family and most importantly he made sure that all his children got an education. My mother, aunt and uncles all went to school, high school and finally college all with the salary that my grandfather earned. Back then, everything was expensive, at least that is what my mom tells me and I believe her. He sacrifice a lot for education for his children. Education was always very important to him. At a time when most of the children in his village were busy in the fields making a living, he chose a different path for his children. He stood out. He sacrificed the luxuries for the sake of education. However when I say luxuries I do not mean a car, jewelry and so on. They gave up the luxury of eating meat or eggs daily. They had certain days where they could afford to have a proper meal. But my mother and her siblings were always thankful
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