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Red wine is one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages around the world; in fact, in the United States, according to Gallup 's annual Consumption Habits poll, 60% of its inhabitants drink alcohol at least once occasionally, and 35% of the population said to drink wine more often. But have you ever wondered (when drinking wine) the benefits that it can have in your health? Throughout history red wine has been considered to have properties that are beneficial for the human body; though, all the health benefits associated with drinking wine only apply to moderate drinking. Understand for moderate drinking, according to the American Heart Association, as one to two four-ounce glasses a day. These benefits cover the health aspects that are beneficial for the human body, such as to heal some medical ailments, protect your heart, and acting as an anti-aging. The first important aspect that we have to take into account is that red wine has been used throughout ancient history as medicine. Romans were actively using wine to disinfect wounds of soldiers that got injured in wars; at the same time, Hippocrates, believed that wine was not only an essential part of a good diet but also an effective disinfectant useful for reducing risk of wound infection. In most recent researches, the answer to red…show more content…
This is because of resveratrol, a polyphenol that serves as an antioxidant that helps to protect blood vessels in your heart, reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (the "bad" cholesterol) and prevents blood clots. As a result, moderate consumption of red wine may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks, and this will be interpreted in lower mortality from cardiovascular disease. This is because red wine –together with resveratrol– dilates arteries and increases blood flow, lowering clots that cut off blood supply and damage heart

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