Persuasive Essay On Refugee Crisis

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The estimated number of refugees leaving their own country since World War II is one hundred million ("Refugee”). A refugee is a person who has left their country because of fear of their safety due to violence, race, religion, or war. Supporting and solving today’s refugee crisis is especially controversial because of the current events, financing, and security issues. ("Refugee Facts”). Climate change and natural disasters sometimes cause people to leave their homes or countries. Some examples of these natural disasters are floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and mudslides. These, however, do not qualify as a reason to be a refuge ("Refugees"). Refugees leave their country and move to another country and ask for asylum, which provides protection and assistance as a confirmed refugee. For example, during World War II many Jews became refugees because they were trying to run from the Nazis. In 2015 there were 2.8 million asylum seekers worldwide. Making the crisis even more urgent is the fact that more than half of all refugees in the world are children ("Refugee Facts”). In response to the refugee problem, in 1980 the United States passed the Refugee Act. It sets the standards for refugees to enter the United States ("Refugee”).
An agreement was put in place after World War II because of all the refugees from Europe. This agreement was called The 1951 Geneva Convention. It defines the legal protections for refugees and the obligations of countries that accept them. It was
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