Persuasive Essay On Refugee Crisis

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It’s been two years since we saw the photo of the dead Syrian child - Alan Kurdi as he washed up on the shoreline. Two years since his sacrifice was left in vain.

The image of his visceral death brought world-wide attention to the brunt reality of the migrant crisis, to the point where this viral image was seen by millions and changed the stances of many governments on the refugee crisis. But the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) insists that not enough is being done by the international community to help and prevent the mortalities to refugees, be it by drowning, disease, or malnutrition. Since this photo emerged almost two years ago, 8500 more migrants have died or disappeared on their perilous journey to Europe and many more soon to come.

As of recently Europe’s policies of constructing fences and walls have simply diverted the flow of migrants from one border to another rather than reducing it. In the last few years countries like: Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Norway, and Macedonia have all started construction to build fences and walls specifically being “protection” against refugees. Experts suggest that this has only resulted in more dangerous and longer pathways for refugees in order to reach safety and freedom, going from land routes to far more dangerous sea routes. Even after the viral story of the “Boy on the Beach”, we still have countries building walls and leaving refugees to suffer the harsh tides of the mediterranean.

We should be building bridges, shelters,
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