Persuasive Essay On Refugees

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Over nine million Syrians alone have been displaced since 2011! If you took three people who originate from Syria, chances are, one of them has been displaced from their homes. Millions of people are attempting to escape the horrible terrorist groups located in Syria, and the strain on European countries to house refugees is endless, but, to put less stress on European countries, refugees can go to countries nearby to their home, paid for by European countries. The countless terrorist organizations in Afghanistan causes countless people to seek refuge in other countries, but this takes a enormous political and economic toll on various European countries. Even though opportunities lay within European countries, a problem exists with asylum seekers in the workforce and health services. “Work permits are hard to obtain, forcing families deeper into poverty;and health services have become increasingly scarce, as host governments face resource and financial pressures”(1). If work permits are difficult to obtain, then countless refugees cannot work, and in turn, they cannot make money. This means the refugees would run out of the money they already had, and would go into poverty. Likewise, health services being scarce means when a person becomes sick, that person would not receive the medical attention he or she requires. Lastly, governments become pressurized to provide millions of refugees with the necessities they require. Furthermore, women are sexually harassed while seeking

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