Persuasive Essay On Religion And Abortion

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We all know the most popular hot buttons in today’s American society. Religion, equality, and abortion. Now, many would argue that religion and abortion fall under the same umbrella, which just goes to show how controversial this topic really is. In the recent history, abortion has grown to be one of the most argued about topics across all media venues. With the presidential election approaching, this years candidates are pushing their beliefs and causing a riot amongst the American people to tally up their votes. In October of 1916 three women opened the first birth control clinic in The United States in the Brownsville area of New Jersey, hence the name The Brownsville Trials, which was a result of the three women being thrown in jail due to the drugs they were offering. Eventually, their charges were dropped and their relentless efforts made for a dramatic change in the laws regarding birth control and sexual…show more content…
One of the men dressed in a blue suit with a red and white tie, blonde hair, fair skin. The opposing man drawn in a purple suit with a black, red, and yellow tie with the words CHRISTIAN RIGHT on his side. Without any further observation, one can obviously see that the man in the blue suit represents a business man of America. The second man in the purple suit, clearly depicts the religious groups closely associated with this issue, Christians. The man in the purple is the one that supports pro-life, which could mean that emotionally, people that are pro-life are the ones that want to keep it in tact with their religion. Most Christians want to keep it pro-life. The man in the purple suit seems to be very aggressive in this argument, which shows how heated a conversation over such a big deal shouldn 't be taken so lightly. It’s a big deal because in these situations with abortion, we are dealing with a human being, and actual life that is in the palm of someone’s

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