Persuasive Essay On Renewable Energy

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Since the turn of the century, researchers, politicians, and scientists have vastly drawn attention to the need to acquire natural renewable energy resources. Nobody accurately predicts the future of fossil fuels, but logical assumptions and wise planning regarding the duration and impact of energy sources need to increase. Innovators and large companies need to devote research and efforts into using renewable energy in order to protect the atmosphere, lifestyle, and costs of energy. Many companies such as Apple, Bloomberg LP, BMW, and Wells Fargo implement renewable energies into their business and all have pledged to fully transition to renewable energies (RE 100). Although currently methods of obtaining energy may not significantly alter lifestyles throughout the world, society needs to remain attentive to consequences of non-renewable energy and seek productive ways of accessing renewable energy to help improve the environment and conserve fossil fuels. For many years, fossil fuels provided a cheap and reliable source of energy, but in recent years, scientists began to question the safety and supply of the energy sources. Many scientists attribute the controversial topic of Global Warming to the high amount of carbon released from fossil fuels. If Global Warming concerns scientists about the environment, one of the options to reduce the amount of Global Warming stems from a transition to renewable energies. Along with the environmental effects of fossil fuels, rates at
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