Persuasive Essay On Respect

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Reasoning Behind Respect According to the dictionary, “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, and achievements is the definition of respect”. Respect is useful wherever you are, at home, at school, even at friends houses, and most importantly other countries, because if someone has certain rules in place you are making a good impression by following those rules. Some countries are very strict about their rules and not only should you respect their religions you should respect them as a human being, even if they do not look the same as you, dress the same way, and believe in different things than you. When in other countries you can show respect by wearing the clothing that they require you to…show more content…
Respect is a huge deal, respecting personal space, someone else 's private life. One way to show respect is, let’s say you are at school and you are sitting in class, and you have friends that aren’t paying attention to the teacher, you could show respect to the teacher by asking your friends politely to pay attention and listen to what the teacher is trying to say. In my personal opinion I do not believe that our world is respectful enough, this is my own opinion on this, there will always be someone with a different point of view. Someone’s opinion is another thing to respect because it is not yours, it is someone else’s. But even so this opinion could go either way, because I think there are just as many people that are respectful, that aren’t respectful. And the reason why I think this is because I have experienced it myself. If you have you know how it feels to have everyone disrespecting you. Here is one experience I had, one time I was flying by myself and I was on my way to Montana from Illinois. I was sitting and I had to use the restroom, I went to go use it but someone cut in front of me to try
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