Persuasive Essay On Responsibility For Children

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What would this world be like if no one took responsibility for their actions, and blamed others for the things they did? Responsibility is more important than you realize. To survive in this evil world, you must grow up and do what is right. Once you are an adult, on your own, and in the real-world excuses don 't work. Everyone must go through something in their life to learn responsibility and own up to their mistakes, so parents can 't take the blame for crimes their children commit. It is both parent 's responsibility to teach the children right from wrong, and what accountability and responsibility is (Ikeke). These things are extremely important especially once the children are adults. Once children reach adulthood, parents can only…show more content…
Each state has laws that hold parents responsible when a child commits a crime(Matthiesen). However, there are some limits on these laws depending on the state(Matthiesen). Depending on the crime, the law may differ in each state. The fines for the parents for sure differ from state to state. Jesus taught us a long time ago how to teach responsibility, and to teach responsibility we must be responsible. We can and must teach responsibility for the good of our nation, families, churches, and children. Parents teach responsibility to their children while they are young, so they know better and learn as they get older. Part of that learning process is suffering the consequences for their actions. Parents giving and teaching responsibility to their children allows them to learn the importance of it, and the appreciation they 'll have for it once they 're older(Asher). Each child must learn the severity of consequences for their actions because it is crucial to adulthood. Every person must carry his or her own burden because you are accountable for everything you do. Everyone will answer to God when their day comes for everything they 've ever done, and he won 't let us off the hook. God allows us to make our own choices, and no one can make us do anything. We decide to make the choices that we make the second we make the decision;
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