Persuasive Essay On Restrictions On Immigration

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Total inhalation of immigration would not be a healthy choice for the United States. However, setting out for stricter laws to become a citizen is in need. There are over 11.7 million illegal immigrants in the United States (poll 2011). Therefore, having restrictions on immigration overall can help the economy grow, security at airports, docs, borders, and on the streets would not only lessen the illegal immigrants around the country, but supply more jobs for Americans. Illegal immigrants not only live in the U.S, but are supplied jobs in which were made for American workers.

Naturalization Act of 1870: Control Naturalization Process and penalization of fraudulent practices. The Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) allowed the U.S. to suspend …show more content…
(R. Stell) This is to help bring jobs back to the Americans and crack down on illegal immigrants. The Immigration
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The Act of 1875 merely prohibited the importation of women for purposes of prostitution and the immigration of aliens "who are undergoing conviction in their own country for felonious crimes, other than political..." The Act of 1882 levied a head tax of fifty cents "for every passenger not a citizen of the United States," and forbade the landing of convicts, lunatics, idiots, or of "any person unable to take care of himself…

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The Restriction of Immigration in the United States Essay
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The Restriction of Immigration in the United States Immigration should be restricted in the United States. There are many political, social, and economic reasons why restrictions should be put on immigration. The United States Government and the welfare of its citizens are chaotic enough, without having to deal with the influx of thousands of new immigrants each year. Along with the myriad immigrants to the U.S., come just as many economic problems. Some of these problems…

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