Argumentative Essay On Resurrection And Religion

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What are we doing here? And where are we going? It is like we woke up one day and it is welcome to the show, make as much money as you can and do your best not to get broke, copy everything you see on the TV from the clothes to the hairstyles and don’t think too much just do exactly as you are told, turn up the radio as you learn to live a life of sex, drugs, and Rock and Roll.
Is there more to this life than ageing and getting old? Living and dying just to leave behind a home? These are but only simple life questions and I am just searching for some answers.
What is resurrection? Believing that a living being will come back to life after death to face god and answer to his/her sins and good deeds. It is a vital part of almost every religion. It is something that is considered divine, holly, and sacred it is based on pure belief not physics and science. Resurrection has been one of the highest controversial cases in the world, there is always a yes and a no side of every case or issue it is a part of being a rhetoric.
To believe in resurrection one must believe in god and religion. As O’Shaughnessy. T (1970) stated “all that is not God is ultimately the work of His power
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God the creator of every living soul. Just like every manufacturer he left us with a manual the Quran, the Bible, the Torah. Books with miracles that are above science and more than science can ever understand. Like the description of the human embryo that couldn’t be based on scientific knowledge in the 7th century, the two seas that directly meet but don’t mix in the Gulf of Alaska, the planets in orbit and perfect flow, the creation of everything from H2O, the preservation of pharaoh, and identifying the lowest area in the land where Persia defeated Rome. Not a word has changed so please try to explain how all this was known over 1400 years

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