Persuasive Essay On Revenge Vs Redemption

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The people of United States make up what society is, when people talk about society they are talking about all the people. As citizens some people feel the need to fix society’s wrongs. They feel as if they are required to fix the problem, how people fix it is the real issue. There are a lot of options but mostly wanted are two things, revenge or redemption, both are things everyone thinks are necessary but both can cause terror in this world. The superior choice out of redemption and revenge is redemption. Wanting redemption is so much more effectual than wanting revenge. Seeking redemption causes a person to want to overcome, whatever the person is going up against. Redemption causes people to feel stronger and work harder to what they…show more content…
Revenge is out of hate and anger, when you want revenge you’ll do anything to get it. Revenge doesn’t solve anyone’s problems because when an individual gets revenge on another individual, that person is going to retaliate and want revenge too; it’s just an ongoing cycle of hatred and anger. An example of this is in the movie John Q, in this movie John Q the father of Michael, comes to find out that his son has a serious heart condition and the family isn’t wealthy enough to pay for the procedure. As his son gets sicker and sicker John Q made as much money as he could, he soon became desperate. John Q wanted revenge on the hospital, because they didn’t put his sons name on the transplant list for a new heart. His son was close to death they were running out of time, John Q does something he will soon regret. John Q goes in with a gun and takes over the hospital’s emergency room, as he waits in the emergency room with hostages he demands that his sons name be put on the list. This man became something he is not and did something that, all because he wanted revenge. As things went on John Q got want he wanted and faced his consequences as a man. Though this is not always how things turn out when wanting
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