Persuasive Essay On Reverse Racism

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Dear fellow white community,

I, Martin Luther King have decided to approach such a wide audience, simply due to my personal disagreement on the issue of reverse racism. I have come across multiple occasions in which members of the dominant culture allegedly state that they have experienced cases of reverse racism, which can be defined as the situation in which a dominant racial or social group of people are discriminated against. And after a long period of deliberation, I have yet to come to a sensible conclusion that an existence of such a situation as reverse racism is possible. However, I feel as though some of these members of the dominant culture are not fully aware of the reasoning behind my belief and the diminishing effect the statement …show more content…

Thus, racism is not simply the feeling of getting offended, or restrained, and in order to be racist in the first place, you must obtain privilege and power.

America is a country of white privilege. It is the dominant culture that enforces whiteness as the norm, while on the other hand, people of color are considered as the “others” group. So as a part of the dominant culture, experiencing an alleged case of racism is simply experiencing the denial of their already existing rights and liberty, which truthfully comes nowhere near real racism.

Using the words “reverse racism” diminishes the real and actual racism that people of color experience, because when a white person is allegedly discriminated upon, whoever the oppressor may be, they will mostly likely not have the power to actively act against them to oppress their rights and liberty in all parts of their life, simply because they are part of the minority group and have the power of a fragile seed compared to that of the dominant culture.

Some of you may be thinking, “but the situations mentioned may not be representative of the overall existence of discrimination in

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