Persuasive Essay On Riding In The Road

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When you’re a young child getting your bike and receiving your parents’ permission to ride off into the sunset it seems to be the equivalent of when your 16 years old and you get your driver’s license. It’s your form of freedom and independence. When leaving with your two wheels of freedom on your bike everyone knows the rules and has had their parents stamp them into their heads; wear your helmet, look both ways before crossing the street and be safe. Great rules to always have but they do start to get drowned out as they are always said and quit often heard less and less as you respond, “Yes mom I know.” With this article we can discuss three areas that will increase the safety for everyone riding a bike and something new for parents to grind into their kid’s mind. The first safety measure we will talk about is riding on the road for safety. Growing up I was always told to stay on the sidewalk because it’s safer. That makes sense, no cars on the sidewalk so I don’t have to worry about them and I don’t have to worry about reacting to the cars. After years of riding a bicycle and finally riding in the road it does seem a bit frightening with cars rushing by you but it does make it safer. While participating in the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) course the instructors spoke about how safe you really are riding in the street. We were told that while being in the street yes we are with large vehicles but having us in the street makes us more

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