Persuasive Essay On Right To Die

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As a new person is born something special has begun. It is the beginning of a life, a song, an inspiration, and a story. Kathleen Barber was struggling with a risky cancer and had died in a severe amount of pain and discomfort last December. Her husband, Jason Barber is a journalist and human rights advocate, he knew that his wife could have died a worse death, but also knew that she could’ve died a lot better one also (Barber). This term has various different ways for it to be known and defined, “physician-assisted suicide (PAS), "aid in dying", "death with dignity", "right to die", "compassionate death", "end-of-life choice”, and many different others. The right to die is a law legalizing the self-administration by a terminally ill person of life-ending medication prescribed usually by a physician. Everyone has their own thinking process and opinion of how the right to die should work, or shouldn’t work. Some may say that it’s not right, and others may say that it’s the patient’s decision to make. Every single person has the right to live with dignity, which means they also have the right to die with dignity. As the talks and debates about the right to die comes around to the entire country, there have been many decisions whether it should be legal or not. Now there are five US states, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, California, and Colorado, that are legally allowing people to have physician assisted suicide. While some states pass that it is legal to do so, 41 other states
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