Persuasive Essay On Road Safety

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Have you every wondered how dangerous the roads we drive in are? Are you a safe driver? Did you know that, “As many as 50 million people are injured or disabled by road traffic crashes every year” (10). Road safety is a major issue all over the globe. In this essay we will look at a few of the solutions that already exist and examine how reliable and safe they are on the road. These solutions will include: seat belts, airbags and crumple zones. Behind all car safety features, there is simple and basic physics, force and motion. “Correctly used seat-belts reduce the risk of death in a crash by 61%” (10). Seat belts are now mandatory in all vehicles for a simple reason. If stops us from slamming into the dashboard or even smash into the windscreen and fly out if the car comes to an instant stop. Wouldn’t we stop if the car stops? Well, according to Newton’s first law of motion, the law of inertia, that isn’t what happens. Newton’s 1st law emphasizes that an object will stay at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless there is an unbalanced external force acted upon it. For the driver in a car, the seatbelt is the unbalanced force (car). When you are sitting in a car, it is easy to feel like you and your car are one thing, but in reality you and the car are two complete separate things moving at the same speed, and direction (velocity). For instance, if you your car hits an object (unbalanced force), it will decelerate and eventually stop, but you will keep moving
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