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Road trips can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life, or they can be a complete disaster. If you are wanting to go on a road trip, there are several things you should do to increase your chances of having a great experience, one that you might even treasure for the rest of your life.
Plan Ahead
Road trips rarely turn out well if you decide to just go with the flow. Decide what route you want to take, what places you want to visit along the way, and how long you want to stay at specific places. If you are visiting common tourist destinations during tourist season and you are planning on staying in hotels, be sure to call ahead to book your room or rooms. Arriving at your destination only to find that you have no place to stay
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Electronics, coloring books, and fun road trip games may keep them entertained for at least a good portion of the trip. You may even want to create Road Trip Bingo boards for the children (and maybe even the adults) or other fun games that are special for your road trip. Making sure everyone is properly hydrated and bringing along enough snacks will also help to keep people happy throughout the trip.
Take Regular Breaks
Taking frequent breaks is essential for everyone involved. Even if you just get out, walk around, and stretch for a few minutes, taking a break can help everyone feel a little more energized and refreshed. Plus, it is important to visit rest stops or otherwise take regular bathroom breaks when you can, especially if you have young passengers traveling with you. One of the worst things on a road trip is to be far from a rest stop and have someone in the vehicle announce that he needs to go to the bathroom right now.
If you have two or more drivers, it is also a good idea to switch driving responsibilities regularly. This will allow each driver to rest for a while, decreasing your chances of having a driver who falls asleep at the wheel. If you do find yourself feeling tired while you are driving, take a break as soon as possible. At times, it might be safest, even on a busy road, to pull off the road and switch

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