The Importance Of Lying In Romantic Relationships

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A year ago, he had eyes only for her, and his heart was devoted to making her world a dream come true. Today the title read “Man stabbed his girlfriend 75 times after she broke up with him”. What caused twenty-six-year-old Stimpson to commit such monstrous act which fatally ended his girlfriend’s life? The truth is that it could have been prevented, the signs were all there. Relationships are built upon bonds that produce a more adventurous life and worth living. We establish numerous connections and relationships on the daily with people we encounter. The connection is built according to how comfortable and trusting the environment feels. Romantic relationships are not only desired, but a necessity for survival to meet physical, mental and…show more content…
Deception also known as lying is causing someone to believe something that is not true. Lying doesn’t always inaugurate a sinister side in a relationship, the reality is all human beings lie for different reasons. Often to protect others or to conceal information about themselves. It is common for people to lie about their personalities, employment status, prior relationships and more when they’re in a new relationship. To an extent, this is acceptable but as the relationship develops the truth always comes out and could potentially jeopardize everything. Despite the fact that lying is at times convenient it is also unethical. When someone has to go to the degree constantly hiding and holding secrets against their partner the relationship is bound to fall apart. It starts small with what they would consider “white lies” and ranges to bigger and bolder lies. An example of a white lie is a girlfriend telling her boyfriend she likes his new haircut when in fact she hates it. This lie would be considered harmless but in fact, opens the door to dishonesty which only gets bigger as time passes. Meaning once a lie is told it becomes easier to keeping lying to cover up the fabrication. Deception then leads to loss of trust and destruction in a relationship. Therefore, reading between small lies and looking out for signs of secrecy is vital to tell where a relationship is

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