Red Lights Persuasive Speech

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“Crrkkrrr...Bam!!!” This is the sound you never want to hear when you 're taking your child who is on a school bus for a trip. All parents (maybe includeing you) have this instinct to make sure their child is safe. Now imagine that your heart is pounding and you feel as if time has gone into slow motion. That is the feeling you get when you see a car/truck barrleing at you.I know that there are crazy drivers out there, so it just doesn 't matter if the driver is good at driving or not it matters if other people re paying attention and there not stopping at red lights.Buses are not an exception to this.What are we doing with our rules for running red lights , we need to do better in protecting our children by enforceing and regulating these…show more content…
We know how to drive. The thing is though is that we don 't all know what could happen at any moment. You could loose control because coffee spilled on you . Thats the ting we don 't know what is going to happen. There has recently been an incident in California a vehicle driver approaches an intersection at which a school bus is stopped and the driver continued hitting the bus and in the end hurting the car more than the bus. That is just a small incidence thing worse than that happens all over the world and its our job to reduce the amount of accidents with school buses and even all vehicle accidents. All states carry traffic laws that specifically require “Obedience to traffic control signals and devices.”This means that drivers must observe and obey all traffic lights and stop signs when operating vehicles. The most common traffic violation associated with traffic control is running red lights and stop signs. Now think in your head why are we as a race, so careless to even protect our own people. This is important because these people are endangering the people that we love and care for. At any moment it could be your son or daughter that is riding in a bus that gets hit by a car and what happens if they die. It may not be your fault, but then think that something you may do every so often did that to your son. The most important thing of all this is that
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