Persuasive Essay On Safe Abortion

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Today in the world woman are being ridiculed and looked down upon for their decision in having an abortion. If abortions were made illegal women would resort to reckless and unsafe procedures which would cause permanent damage to themselves or risk dying from it. Women should always have the right to have a safe abortion. There are multiple viable reasons for why it would be deemed acceptable to continue with an abortion. Taking into consideration the mothers future and current health, weather the baby was conceived of rape, and if the mother is emotionally and financially capable of taking care of the baby and giving it a good life.
While many people think that every pregnancy goes to plan, that isn’t always the case. There is always a chance
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Any woman faced with an unplanned pregnancy must make the difficult choice between having an abortion or giving birth to a child she had not planned to have and is maybe unprepared financially or emotionally to raise. “In 1988, for example, about 1.7 million women who had an unintended pregnancy gave birth and began raising the child. Three-quarters of poor and low-income women cite their inability to afford a baby as a reason why they had an abortion.” Not being able to financially take care of a baby will be detrimental. A newborn baby needs formula, diapers, bottles, and clothes that they quickly outgrow. A single mother might not always have the money or the time to take care of and raise a dependent child. The mother would want an abortion to be able to continue in school and escape poverty or just because she knows that there’s no way she’ll be able to take care of it emotionally or physically. Alternately there are pro-life groups that want to make abortions illegal. They believe that if the mother has an abortion it’s murder and that it prevents a person from living and stops their possible potential. The kid that was aborted could have been the next Gandhi or a top NFL player but because of abortions we’re preventing that from
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