Persuasive Essay On Safe Driving

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In a career as prestigious as law enforcement you are held to a higher standard in your daily life. All community members look to you as an up stander and a leader for the community. By knowing this you must maintain this reputation by following strict factors, such as safe driving, in order to ensure you are not looked down upon by the community and your upper members of the command staff as a possibly hazardous individual. Although the phrase “Safe Driving” could have multiple meanings and could be taken in many different ways, when I mention this topic somethings I would say it consists of following strictly by state and city ordinances such as a 15-25 MPH speed limit in business districts and residential areas and all other speed limits set…show more content…
I will also strive to obey by all speed limits and street regulations no matter what the other cars around me are doing, because in no case at all is something that stupid worth my life or future career, it may seem cool to speed and go fast while with your friends or relatives, but time will only tell what will occur next in a situation like that. The fact that I wish to eventually move on to a career in law enforcement brings back the point that I must maintain the clear record that I currently hold and do everything in power to take the steps in the right direction to keep myself and my peers out of any trouble at all. When applying for any career in the law enforcement field, the employer will conduct a full background check of your past and any violations which appear on your record will make an already very competitive process much
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