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So ladies, here we are to help you through the best of options and facts to make your vacations safe and adventurous. We are going to guide you which goggles are the most suitable for you with respect to style, fashion, comfort, cost and safety. Lens Tint The lens tint is supposed to give you a worthy combination of depth perception, eye fatigue protection and color definition with the correct VLT for the light conditions. A low VLT number such as 15 percent will give less eye fatigue and is suitable for sunny days whereas a high VLT number such as 70 percent means better color and depth perception and will be used best for the low-light days. Eye Protection from Glare Polarized lenses are the best regarding glare reduction from sunlight…show more content…
Though one can expect all quality goggles to have vents but some of them are better than the others for sure. More the venting, better it is to prevent fogging. There are some goggles available in the market which even have battery powered fans to move the air and defog goggles. So always look for a better vent system goggles for your safety and better vision. Goggle Frames Though adult women can fit into different sizes of goggles but there are some general rules and comfort levels associated with multiple frame sizes. A simple way to choose frame size is to correlate it with your head size. So, a small frame goes for a smaller head. The small size generally fits small girls or women with smaller faces. Medium size frames will fit most of the women. The large sized frames are obviously being designed for the larger heads and helmets but they also help in providing more peripheral vision. Not all ladies faces and helmets are correlated with larger frames but it can provide you with more lens, supporting for a widescreen and henceforth gives a bigger field of vision both horizontally and vertically. Such large sized frames are best for steeps. Fit

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