The Importance Of Sacrifice In The Military

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What is a person willing to sacrifice in order to have the prestige to be called a Sailor? In an America where job opportunities seem to be scarce; where the idea of having student loans discourage people from obtaining a higher education; and high medical premiums force people to wait until the brink of death before gaining the courage to step into a money sucking corporation known as a Hospital, thousands of Americans are opting for the military way. But how to blame our future warriors? Nowadays, TV commercials are filled with military propaganda with catchy phrases such as “Accelerate Your Life” and “A Global Force for Good.” Who can say no to that? But before seeing a recruiter, consider the following: Imagine getting a new job as a teacher at a local high school. How much is a person willing to get paid and how many different jobs is one willing to accept in order get hired? One might say that a fair salary and no more than the primary job of teaching in acceptable. Well, in that case, the military may not be the right choice. For instance, the Navy allows its new recruits to choose from over 80 different jobs, to include: Mailman, Military Police, Mechanic, and Corpsman, just to name a few. Surprisingly…show more content…
Not too many people know the struggles of being trapped inside a ship for nine months at the time without family, personal space, privacy, or comfort. In addition, Sailors have to forget about that nine-to-five schedule and prepare for an endless cycle of sixteen hours work shifts, unlimited guard duties, and enforced volunteering, also known as “Voluntold Duties.” While on deployment, Sailors can also expect, and are expected, to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of every department in the ship. This is a task that could take up to several months to achieve given the magnitude and complexity of ships. In fact, some people say that deploying is what makes a Sailor, a

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