What Is Sales Tax Unfair

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The current tax policy in the United States is unfair to Americans, specifically ones who love to shop. Sales tax percentages may vary depending on the parish where individuals reside. If you are a big spender, the tax can take a huge toll on your bank account rather than the person a few states away who buys the exact same merchandise as you, but pays less due to the lower tax percentage. Although revenue from sales taxes helps fund basic services and initiatives such as public safety, education, and recreation, it is in the best interest of our country and its citizens to revise or replace this policy by making the percentage the same overall in every state.
Unfortunately, Louisiana shoppers are forced to pay highest average sales tax in America which is why it should be
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Lessenberry states, “ If it weren’t for taxes, our lives would be pure hell...Incidentally, I’ve been in places where they do pay more taxes, and where roads and services are better, and in many ways so is the quality of life.” In this case, Jack is right; the increase in sales tax may not be a bad thing. Louisiana, for example, responded to the collapse of oil and gas prices by raising its sales tax 1 percentage point to the highest average level in the nation, according to the Tax Foundation's analysis. Some states are responsible for increasing the tax rate for specific situations that may negatively affect their economy.
Additionally, in most of the states that levy sales taxes, the money collected is divided between the state and
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sessionId=1512854202561&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F&lastReferrer=www1.avalara.com) impose an additional sales tax in the areas they serve to help fund public transit. In Cook County Illinois
sessionId=1512854202561&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F&lastReferrer=www1.avalara.com), a one percent sales tax helps fund the ‘L’, Chicago’s famous elevated trains.” People like Jack and Laura who argue that taxation helps the economy by funding services and initiatives are not wrong; however, they must realize that sales tax would be fairer to American citizens overall if they were to pay the same percentage rate.
America needs to reform the current taxation policy in order to make it one fair percentage that all states nationwide can agree on. This idea may seem impossible because each state is different and requires a certain amount of taxation from its citizens depending on how many goods and services it funds. Getting every senator from each state to agree on one number might have seemed impractical until one day in December of 2017
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