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The current tax policy in the United States is unfair to Americans, specifically ones who love to shop. Sales tax percentages may vary depending on the parish where individuals reside. If you are a big spender, the tax can take a huge toll on your bank account rather than the person a few states away who buys the exact same merchandise as you, but pays less due to the lower tax percentage. Although revenue from sales taxes helps fund basic services and initiatives such as public safety, education, and recreation, it is in the best interest of our country and its citizens to revise or replace this policy by making the percentage the same overall in every state.
Unfortunately, Louisiana shoppers are forced to pay highest average sales tax in America which is why it should be
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I love to shop. I personally find it unfair that I have to pay a larger percentage rate compared to others for the exact same item, just because I live in Louisiana. Whether it’s shopping in­store or online, that tax percentage added onto my receipt is a huge burden, especially regarding on how much I spend every day on makeup, clothes, shoes, and other teenage girl items. One day, after spending hours of online shopping, I proceeded to checkout and was shocked to see my total amount raised by 20 dollars. Furious and confused, I demanded an answer to why I was paying more than my sister who buys almost the same products as I do and lives in Portland, Maine. After extended research, I came across the Tax Foundation database website and found my answer. Maine has one of the lowest sales tax rate (5 percent) while Louisiana stands tall at a whopping 10 percent. I was amazed at the unfairness and imagined how better the world would be if the sales tax percentage was one steady, low, average rate nationwide.
No one would have to pay more than

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