Persuasive Essay On Same Sex Adoption

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I do believe that adopting and raising a child, being a good parent is not influenced by sexual preference of a person it is influenced by a the ability of a person to create a loving and nurturing home,this ability doesn’t required a sexual orientation whether your man, or woman lesbian or gay.
By allowing same sex couples to adopt an orphan can lessen the amount of a homeless child. According to the Williams institute asof 2009 “an estimated 20,000 same sex couples are raising nearly 30,000 adopted in United States”. This statistics shows that there’s a lot of homeless child have given an opportunity to have a family. In the Philippines, According to the Statistics of Orphan in the Philippines by Unicef that there are over 1.8 million of orphan in the Philippines. Imagined how many children are in need. But not all children have a wonderful life with homosexual parents because domestic violence is more common among same sex couple according to PROVIDENCE by Rhode Island 4 NOV.2004(ZENIT). Accommodating and adopting a child is not an easy task, you should be willing and ready to take a lot of responsibilities and you need to have a lot of patience and love.
Same sex couple has the capability to raised a child. According to AbbieGolbergh a Psychologist at Clark University in Massachusetts who researches gay and lesbian parent.
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We should not base our judgment by their sexuality,we should consider their capability of raising a child because they can also give and provide the needs and the love that an orphan should have like a traditional parents can give. Because we are equally qualified to loved and to beloved regardless of gender we have even though we have differences we are all the same we are all human capable of lovingandby the end of the day Giving an orphan a light of hope to have a better future is all that matters not the sexuality of the person who will adopt
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