Persuasive Essay On Same Sex Marriage

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In the recent years we have seen a surge of support and new laws being formed in favor of the LGBT community regarding same sex marriage and a equaltie over sexual preference. We have shown as a nation that people of all walks of life are entitled to equal treament under the constitution. Although we have made leaps in bounds on the positive side of the spectrum there is also eveidence that our LGBT counterparts expeience the same problems traditional relationships face. Domestic violence is an underlying problem within our society, often going unreported or sweeped under the rug as if it does not exist. Homosexuality is not a safeguard from being suseptable to domestic violence in fact studies have shown the exact oposite.

When in a toxic relationship it isnt always "Man vs. Woman" It is "agressor vs. Victim" a person may be insecure in themselves to the point where love is equated to a controling partner, using verbal and physical abuse to degrade and belittile a person until ones mind is fixated to the fact that they are property, a slave of sorts, made to answer every whim of thier abuser. The party that administors the abuse often sucumbs to thier own insecurities, feelings of inadequacy, jealousy or rage. In most cases both parties have witnessed a great deal of abuse in their life and have feelings of normalacy within the toxidicy of said relationships.

We have all seen the scen played out many times on televison and in movies as well as with family and friends,
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