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A sand filter is one of the most popular filters for home swimming pools. A sand filter is a great filter choice for a swimming pool; it's easy to use, easy to clean, low-maintenance and very rarely does the media need to be replaced. Normally the only time the sand needs to be replaced is when you are replacing the standpipe assembly or one of the bottom laterals in the filter or if there is sand channelling, caused by either the old age of the sand, contamination, or a broken diffuser. Sand channelling is when water going through the sand in the filter has made an open path through the sand and no longer filters through the entire sand bed. This sand channelling means that your water really doesn't get clean because only a small part of the…show more content…
First, you must buy the correct type and amount of sand. This information is written on the sand filter label; the sand can be bought at any pool and spa store, and quite a few hardware stores too. You will also need some basic tools and plumbing supplies (screwdriver, hacksaw, PVC Glue, and PVC fittings, if your sand filter is like most and not equipped with unions)
Here are the steps for changing the sand on your sand filter:
You need to remove the top mount multiport or top cap on your sand filter. The multiport is where you change the filter settings from filter to backwash, rinse, etc. Usually the top is held on with a sand filter collar or band at the base, made of 2 crescent bends of plastic or metal, that is held in place with two large screws or bolts which you must remove. If you are lucky, the plumbing will have unions that you can easily open to free the top mount multiport. If not, get your hacksaw and cut the pipes carefully. Make your cuts as straight as possible, with enough room to add the PVC connector reattaching the pipes when you are finished. Remove the top mount multiport by pulling upwards, keeping track of the (usually bright blue) o-ring. You may have to wiggle it a little since it is slotted into a plastic pipe coming up from the bottom of the

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