Persuasive Essay On Save Dogs

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If you are searching for a new puppy to bring to your home, Here’ s where to look.
Shelter/ Rescue Groups
No matter what kind of dog you are searching for, first look at shelters or rescue groups, which are volunteer-run organizations that sometimes focus on one breed and usually use foster families to care for dogs until they find permanent homes. you will be amazed by the dog you can find. As for puppies, many dogs living in these places are pregnant and their offspring will need homes too. Also when pet store puppies don 't sell, the stores may ship them off to shelters. you can get, say, four-month-old puppy for less than one-tenth the price you would have paid if you had gotten the same exact dog in a pet store one month earlier.
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there are so many benefits to rescuing a dog. Firstly, you know you are providing a home to an animal who is truly in need, and you are possibly saving her life. the costs of the dog are minimal compared to getting one at a breeder or pet store, and in most cases your pet will come vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, and spayed or neutered, saving you hundreds of dollars, even more.
if you have a specific requirement or desire for a puppy that 's a particular breed, then a breeder may be for you. some breeders are very educated about dog breeding and they have extremely high standards and know how to breed for health and temperament. they care about dogs they mate; often they are their beloved pets. however, you still need to be wary there are lots of unethical breeders out there. Some breed dogs strictly to make money and have little to no concern about the welfare of the dog they are bleeding or the health of the puppies they are selling. Others are amateurs who mate two dogs because they enjoy the hobby and want to bring in a little extra income. they may mean well but don 't know much, if anything, about how to breed healthy puppies. so how do you sort through the thousands of breeders out there to find a reputable

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