Persuasive Essay On Sb1146

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The primary aim of SB1146, currently, applies to colleges who receive state or federal funding; the bill desires to prevent these colleges from enforcing codes of student conduct that reflect the school’s beliefs about sexuality identity and confining marriage to male/female relationships. The final draft of this bill asserts that if any school declares that they are exempt from this bill, full disclosure must be made to faculty and staff and must be posted and written in various forms of media, as well as given to prospective students. Title IX, the precursor to this bill, states that a person may not be denied from any educational program or activity that receives financial aid due to their sexual identity. Title VII is applied to the workforce, and prohibits employers from discriminating against employees based on race, religion, origin, and sex. Both Title IX and VII were created to help prevent discrimination based on gender identity, among other things, by holding schools and employers accountable for their actions towards these people groups that may be more easily disrespected.…show more content…
Huntington is an United Brethren affiliated university, and the United Brethren denomination has a stance against homosexuality, stating in their governing documents that state that they “will only recognize marriages between a genetic, biological man and a genetic, biological woman”. As a school following their beliefs, Huntington must also proclaim that this is a truth that they hold to be important, and therefore will not allow same-sex married couples to live in campus housing or to be faculty here. Obviously, this goes drastically against SB1146, which desires the power to prohibit Christian universities, like Huntington, the right to refuse housing to same-sex married
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