Persuasive Essay On School Dress Codes

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I disagree with the dress code policy at hampton city schools, kids should be able to wear what they want.clothes express who you are in your own style. You should be able to learn without being uncomfortable. It’s not fair that we can get in trouble just for showing our creativity and personality in what we wear. the dress codes unfairly target girls and transgender students, they feel judged and shamed by the dress codes,The school district need to allow us to wear ripped jeans , tank tops and headwear so students won’t feel bad about what they are wearing.
As a matter of fact, students should be able to wear head wear. What 's so wrong with wearing a hat, bonnet or scarf to school? Think about it this way, i seen many students have bad hair days and they can’t do
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In addition to letting head wear being allowed, Ripped jeans should be allowed to wear to. I shouldn 't get 1 day in school suspension because my jeans just ripped and i had a hole in it. The school board don’t look at the scenario of the situation. Adults looks at like this , they see ripped jeans on a student the student gets disciplined. They don’t even ask how the holes get there sometimes. In most cases some holes happen while the student is at school. That 's not the students fault, the student should not be counted accountable .The average teenager haves 80% of jeans with holes in it. Why buy something that you can’t wear ? I know some students that only own jeans that 's ripped. Not everyone can afford good jeans. We should be able to wear what we have in our closet. Cheerleaders shirts and tops expose their whole leg and belly button. So why is it a problem with a few small holes in students jeans? Wearing ripped jeans is a grunge look , the school board always want students to show their personality right. Maybe students want to show off their grunge personality, but they can 't because it’s a violation of the dress code. This is a second reason why students should be able to wear
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