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Criterion A:
Explains and justifies the need for a solution to a problem:
Our project is to make a flag to represent the primary school called Plantijn. Currently all their flagpoles do not have any flags of their own on them. They want a flag that really represents the school as a whole. This school is very modern compared to other schools. Technology is used by most of the grades in the school; also English is an important aspect to the students’ knowledge. With the research we will be undergoing, we will design and develop a proper flag for this school. Plantijn asked our school to help them compile a flag design that they would be proud of showing to other schools and organizations around them that can be easily connected to the schools
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What are your names?
Zeynep, Bradley and Suhail
2. What colors should we use on the flag?
Orange and Yellow
3. Do you guys like electronic devices? For example tablets?
Then we see all the errors immediately and can improve on them.
4. Do you guys think flags are important?
Yes, because then it represents what we do and who we are in the school
5. What three things would you like to suggest should be on the flag?
Tablets (technology), the logo of the school and the English (Anglia school)
6. What do you all enjoy doing in school?
It is fun and we like to learn new things
7. What objects should be on the flag (books, tablets, etc.)
For example, a tablet
8. What do you think about your school?
We enjoy being in the school and like doing lots of activities.
9. Are you all interested in books or reading?
We like reading.
10. Do you guys believe that it is important to learn or to do nothing?
We all believe that it is important to learn.
11. Do you all of you enjoy colorful things or dull things?

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