Persuasive Essay On School Flag

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Criterion A:
Explains and justifies the need for a solution to a problem:
Our project is to make a flag to represent the primary school called Plantijn. Currently all their flagpoles do not have any flags of their own on them. They want a flag that really represents the school as a whole. This school is very modern compared to other schools. Technology is used by most of the grades in the school; also English is an important aspect to the students’ knowledge. With the research we will be undergoing, we will design and develop a proper flag for this school. Plantijn asked our school to help them compile a flag design that they would be proud of showing to other schools and organizations around them that can be easily connected to the schools environment. As our class revolves around the processes of designing items, it was a great idea to incorporate us in the making of their flag. That way we learn more about creating flags and Plantijn gets the final flag design of their choice.

Identify and prioritize primary and secondary research:
Our primary sources will be coming from the people in the school Plantijn. We will be making questions that we will ask during the Skype calls to the students, teachers and others. Having this information can give us more insight and basic knowledge on the identity of the school; so then we can create the best flag to represent their school. This will help our further investigation on the school. For secondary research, we will be researching

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