Advantages Of School Lunches

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Children attend school to learn in order to have a better life but schools are failing. School are falling to guide children to have a better life, they are not teaching them or providing them with a healthy meal which causes obesity and in the long run many health damaging diseases. A meal is important, it is the fuel the body uses to function therefore, it should not be taken as unimportant. The better the meal the better results the body will give you, according to the article Livestrong healthy eating is actually proven to improve academic performance. So, school should start focusing on providing healthy, nourishing lunches to students; this should be done by preparing school lunches from scratch, using freshly grown crops when preparing…show more content…
What is meant by “good quality” is healthy ingredients. We are lucky to be part of a rural area where agriculture is big, there are many crop fields that surround us. School should use this to its advantage and have agreements with local farmers to buy their crops in order to prepare the fresh meals for school everyday. Even when the labels in the package say something like “ made from fresh crops” the nutrients that these crops would provide to the body are no longer there due to the preservatives added. The best way to ensure a healthy meal is to prepare in that day with fresh…show more content…
Many people argue it is too much money implied to make this proposal come true and have healthier food at schools. In fact it is, making food from scratch and buying freshly grown crops will probably require more money invested than the “...20 cents per meal” that a school lunch is worth nowadays according to the article No Lunch Left Behind. Children are the future of this country and it is important to keep them healthy, which is why it should not bother us to invest in this area. On the other hand the invested money could solve two problems at a time, in the article Attacking The Obesity Epidemic By First Figuring Out Its Cause it is mentioned that “ California could bring $1.5 billion a year with a 1-cent-per-ounce excise tax on sugar sweetened drinks..” knowing this the money that is earned with these taxes could be given to school in California to make their meals. Also, with these taxes the obesity in general will be reduced, due to the increase in price the consumption of sweetened drinks will be decrease. School lunch should be an area of focus for schools, its is a fundamental base to make it a better school. Unhealthy food does nothing but harm the students who consume it, as well as the school that provides it. If students eat healthy they will have a better, healthier life when the grow up. When students eat healthy there will be a better academic performance in the school and the data shown

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