Persuasive Essay About School Lunches

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All of the children that live in America are entitled to a free public education. A lunch is provided that costs a reduced fee for those who attend a public school. Everyday thousands of kids go to school and mindlessly eat this lunch. A lunch that is filled with frozen, processed foods that all share the same unpronounceable chemicals in their ingredient list. I personally believe that if schools started to add more natural, fresh, whole foods into their lunches it would be helpful to our societies growing obesity epidemic. “Today approximately 16% of America 's youth are classified as obese,” in that case, changing one meal a day could prevent as much as 6% of America’s youth from becoming obese.

The main issue in the cause to start making school lunch the healthy option of a students day is the undeniable fact; people love debilitating foods. Even when you are an infant in the womb, the one, only thing you crave is sugar. The best
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Every minute you sleep at night is energy for the next day’s activities. But have you ever thought of the ways foods can affect your sleep, and therefore affect your energy? When children wake up they want to make something easy and simple, often a type of sugary cereal or a frozen bread snack. If breakfast is the most important meal of the day then why do parents buy these foods for their children? Sugar is a food that gives your false energy, it is similar to coffee, they both are a wild ride of highs and lows. These foods are random, you can never tell at which point in time you will fall into a low and have a hard time thinking or staying awake. All of the meals in a child 's day consist of something processed or not healthy for the body, which led to bad sleep and lower energy. This is another reason to make school lunch purely health-conscious food. The lunch takes away from the pure processed diet kids are used to, and makes them feel better at the same
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