Persuasive Essay On Eating Healthier In Schools

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Is making school lunches healthier really worth it? Is the money and kids going to be a problem? In twenty-ten an act was passed to help children eat healthier in school lunches. Schools are taking out foods that do not meet the calorie standard (two-hundred calories) because the obesity rate has skyrocketed since the eighties. But this act is actually causing more problems than everyone thought. Even if junk food is bad for kids, it should not be taken out of school lunches. Schools would lose money, kids are not wanting to eat the new choices rather than the old selections m it is not up to the government to control how a kid eats, it is the parents responsibility to control what their kids eats everyday in a lunch.
Is It would cost a lot
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A school had to die the applesauce bright green because kids were not buying it, so they thought that they could make it look sweeter and full of flavor. Some schools in California were testing to see if the Slim lunch tray(picture on page #five) was going to affect the kids decision of picking the better choice of foods. It is understandable to try to get kids to eat the right foods but there is other ways into getting kids to eat right, should schools be tricking their students into eating healthier?
It is not up to the school to control how the children eat and what they eat. A school is for learning and lunch is just a session to get kids back on track for upcoming classes. In Massachusetts a mother of two got furious when her children came home crying, because they got yelled at for throwing away their fruits and vegetables in the trash. Those are not the only kids that just throw their veggies away everyday. Public school children and teens are rebelling at the healthy food they feel is being shoved at them on a spoon. This was posted by Julie Gunlock, she is the Director of Women for Food Freedom project at the Independent Women 's Forum, “feeding a child is the most basic parental responsibility”. All parents can not send their kid to school with lunch because they might just not be able to simply afford it but that does not under any circumstances mean that a school cafeteria should not let a child pick what
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