Cause And Effect Essay On Recess

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All day in classrooms all around the country, teachers are telling their students to sit still and be quiet. Guess what, that may be impossible for them to do since they have full energy and no recess. This is happening in my school and many other schools in the country. "Be quiet. Sit still," says Nelly Torres, a parent of a student in Chicago Public Schools. "That's because they need their recess." The only way to cure the fidgets is to let kids play and get their energy out. All recess research leads to kids doing better in school, stopping obesity, and being more interactive with other people. Some people say recess is a waste of time, and kids would be better off doing something else, like spending more time learning history, English, or math. But, there is absolutely no proof that says recess is bad for you and you would be better off studying. Right now, studies show that as many as forty percent of schools nationwide have cut recess. All health experts say this is not good for any kid to get no physical exercise at all. A 2009 study by Pediatric researches at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that eight and nine-year-old children who had at least…show more content…
To the outsider, recess may seem like a waste of time when you could be spending time drilling test questions. It's true in the short term, but long term, what they are losing is the opportunity to develop their imagination and critical thinking skills." All of what he says is greatly supported by research. Now, if someone does gets hurt, well that is a problem, but how will they learn to get back up again if they never get hurt or fail in some way. Once they learn this, they will have no problem jumping up again on a problem they have failed to come over. Some districts will just have to learn this and pay the money. Why would schools not want their kids to
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