Persuasive Essay On School Safety

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How many innocent children have to be brutally murdered before it is enough? This has been an uprising topic in today’s society since school shootings are so prevalent. From Kentucky, to Oregon, to Colorado, to Florida, the safety of our nation 's schools have been shattered by gunfire. The ones who have committed such horrible crimes have done these actions for many different reasons, at different times, and at different schools. Yet, they do have at least one thing in common. These terrible people make us all question what can be done to better protect the students and teachers that fill our nation 's schools. We need to make schools safer by, implementing more violence prevention, more school resource officers, and more metal detectors. Often times after a school shooting occurs, it is common to hear about the warnings signs that went unnoticed until after the tragic event had occurred. Since we have missed the signs, time and time again, we need to train one another to be more aware of what is going around us. It is a sure fact that all of these people are mentally ill, and have not had the proper help to prevent them from performing such vulgar acts. It is important for us to start having more on-campus counselors to better treat illnesses like these because “Safety comes from human relations.” (Kohn). Most people would agree that they’re think guns are the bigger problem, not our mental health. Especially in today 's society, a lot of kids are missing out on the

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