Persuasive Essay On School Safety

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School safety is a very controversial topic in the U.S. There are many cases of people questioning the safety of schools. Recent school shootings raised concerns over school safety. While this has received a lot of attention, other things such as drugs, ara problem in schools. Even teachers have spoken out about the lack of safety of their schools. There are cases where school officials are not doing their jobs. Bullying continues to be a problem in schools and so does violence. U.S. schools must improve the security and the safety of their students and staff.
Drugs are still a problem in school. According to E. Fitzgerald, studies show that children still do drugs, or know someone who does drugs in schools. “Over 60% of teens claim drugs are used on school grounds”(Fitzgerald). Over the years, schools have not been doing anything to prevent this. Teens revealed that, “1 in 5 of their classmates either drink, use drugs, or smoke during school hours on school grounds” (Fitzgerald). More studies show that, “17% of high school students use drugs daily.” Kids in schools know someone who either does drugs, or sells drugs on school grounds (“School”). Even private schools have experienced drug problems. Drugs are a big problem in schools, because of the lack of good security in schools.
Some teachers around the U.S. do not feel safe in their schools. Y. Steinbuch reported that students at a New Jersey high school showed support for their teacher who was suspended by protesting.

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