Persuasive Essay On School Searches

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School searches have been debated for as long as they have been conducted. Debates are based on keeping the bad things out of the school and invading students privacy. School searches should not be conducted because of invasion of private property, parents, and mental stableness.

Invasion of private property is wrong and it should not happen. When the drug dogs come in and start walking through the school they can smell just about anything. If the dogs smell even the slightest thing your locker can be opened up and your private belongings can be ripped by the dogs teeth just to find a single cough drop. Also if someone had an ointment for something that you do not want other people to know about, and the dogs came through and got into your bag it could be embarrassing. If someone is experiencing pain they should not have to turn in the reliever to the office because then it is not as close as the student might need.

Another reason why people think that school searches should not be conducted is because of their life at home. If the student is living with someone that is a user of drugs or alcohol their
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If there are searches it can send signals to the kids that are telling them that they are in the wrong and that they might need to change. There was one student at a school in Wisconsin that got his backpack ripped open for a pain pill in which he was taking for a headache. That student broke down and started to cry because it was to intense for him. Mental stableness in schools is very important for the students success.

All in all I do not think that school searches should be conducted unless there is a known suspicion. This debate was based on school searches and why some people view them as being wrong. Mental stableness, life at home, and invasion of private property are the reasons why school searches should not be conducted in my
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