Persuasive Essay On School Vouchers

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With a recent increase in presidential power and a new presidential cabinet, concerns have began to arise regarding state rights and independence. One of these concerns is school choice in the form of school vouchers. The use of school vouchers has been a state decision, and Texas has always been a school voucher free state. Not only the national government favors private-school voucher legislation (with Betsy DeVos as the new United States Secretary of Education); so does Texas. Texas’ Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, urges the private-school voucher bill (SB 3) to pass the Texas House (as it has already passed the Senate). The passage of this bill would give parents the choice of where their kids can go to school, and help give a “head start” by granting parents a voucher worth a set amount of money to put towards enrolling their children in private education. Unfortunately, these vouchers are not enough to enroll a child in private-school, meaning …show more content…

Granbury High School has six counselors, and each counselor is alphabetically assigned a certain number of students to council, enroll and unenroll from classes, assess college readiness, etc. Their annual salary is typically six figures, even reaching as high as over one hundred fifty thousand dollars. Despite how many counselors GHS has and how much they are paid, some of their students are left behind. In numerous cases, counselors have failed to give students important papers in time, to send papers to colleges on their student’s behalf, and to mention to students that they are not prepared to graduate. Considering extra staff members, there should be minimal errors due to numerous checkpoints. Assuming each counselor gets paid at least one hundred thousand dollars per year, Granbury High School could save up to three hundred thousand dollars by cutting half of their counseling

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