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Many schools throughout the United States take summer vacations to give students a break from school. Other schools make their students attend school year-round and they get shorter breaks. For the school I attend, W.J. Christian K-8 Alternative Program, it would be best to have one long summer break. We get more work than average students our age, so we are more tired throughout the school year. More is expected of us than other students so we are more stressed as well. Summer vacation gives us the time we need to get away from these things. I will explain why this is best later on in the essay. When I come to school, I am given work that will overwhelm other average students. I am able to handle it, but the effect all the extra work has on me and my classmates are obvious. When the school year ends I use my summer vacation to recover from the tiring year. The feeling of relief rushes through me when I can wake up and not have to get dressed for…show more content…
Christian is extremely stressful and grueling. We are working at the school and at home. I never really notice, but I and my fellow classmates are always extremely tired. Short breaks that last one or two weeks do not fix the tiredness and stress that builds up throughout the school year. The long two-month summer break is the break we need for a stress-free, relaxing, and above all free vacation. To conclude this essay, my school needs a long summer break rather than a multitude of shorter ones. Being tired and stressed out has a major effect on the students. Short breaks do not do anything but give us a small amount of freedom for a short time, but we still have to come back to school after them. A long break, for example, summer break gives us a large amount of time to be without the stress of school while also giving us time to rest. We also do not get work over a break like this particular one. This is where I stand on school vacations and which is best for my
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