Why Do People Kill Sea Turtles?

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The ocean used to be a thriving community of billions of species. Bacteria, algae, plants, fish, animals, and many others have been living here. Unfortunately, over the years, this number has decreased drastically. Imagine the human species going down the Black Plague. Billions of people dying for what cause? That’s exactly what is happening in our oceans. Many creatures are going extinct because of humans.
Let’s take a look at sea turtles. These amazing creatures have been around for a very long time. They can live up to over 100 years! Sadly, many people are poaching these animals. As WWF states, “slaughtered for their eggs, meat, skin, and shells, sea turtles suffer from poaching and over-exploitation” (WWF). As many other people think, we need to stop this! But, it's not that simple. Poachers have a very good way of getting these animals. They also sell their parts on the black market. This has caused the majority of sea turtles to be endangered. As you can clearly see, this has put a huge effect on sea turtle’s lives. Although many of them have been killed, they aren’t the only ones affected by this. Many other fish spices have been hit. Salmon sales have gone down because they’ve been dying. Also, helpful bacteria is being killed off too. If all of this continues, eventually there will be no more sea turtles left in the ocean. Also, many
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Imagine that you can’t even drink water or eat your favorite fish anymore. Oceana needs your help. They cannot do all of this on their own. This is why they are important. It is amazing at helping the creatures of the ocean and the ones who need fish and rely on the ocean to live. If Oceana does not continue on, these horrifying thoughts will become reality. So, in conclusion, this is why Oceana is an amazing organization that helps people, the ocean, and ocean creatures. It is also why Oceana should continue
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