Persuasive Essay On Seat Belt

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If this really is such a simple problem then why isn’t anyone doing anything about it. Well there are a few things being done, some of them are effective and some of them aren’t. One thing that is currently being done is some states are enforcing using your seat belt through laws. However some states aren’t jumping on the bandwagon, “Thirty-two states have primary seat belt laws; Missouri is one of 17 states that has a secondary law.” (“MoDOT News Release”). Personally, I think that this is embarrassing that we are one of the last states to make these changes because it’s almost saying that Missouri doesn’t care about this safety problem. This is an effective solution to keeping people safe, the laws reduce front seat fatalities by 10% (Porter). In states that have primary laws teens are more likely to buckle up than teens in states that have secondary laws (“Statistics”).

Also the “Click It or Ticket” campaign is a national campaign to keep people informed of this problem. This campaign uses billboards and flyers and commercials to spread the word about buckling up. Another campaign in use is the “Arrive Alive” campaign. This one is particular to missouri, and its aim is to reach out to
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To me it is like some of the states are saying that they care about their citizens more than others do. And I think it is laughable that a speeding ticket can be anywhere from 100 dollars to 200 dollars while a ticket, even in the states where it is a primary law, a seat belt ticket is no more than 30 dollars. Not wearing a seat belt is just as dangerous to you as speeding, but tickets for speeding can be up to 100 dollars more than a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. Making this fine so small shows people on the road that wearing a seat belt is not important and that it doesn’t matter since a ticket for this is only 30
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