Persuasive Essay On Seat Belt Safety

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From firsthand experience, I can voice that wearing a seat belt will save a driver or passenger’s life in a vulnerable moment. Why wouldn’t drivers or passengers want to wear something that could save their lives? Why wouldn’t drivers or passengers want to wear something that would save their family and loved one’s from heartache? Why wouldn’t drivers or passengers want to wear something that was quick to put on and specifically made to keep them safe? Not wearing a seat belt should be illegal in all 50 states because it is not a healthy habit to attain, it can easily be prevented, and it puts safety at risk.
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If a driver has to come to a rapid stop and presses on the brakes, the seat belt will keep him or a passenger from sliding forward in their seat. In the worst case scenario, if an accident occurs, wearing a seat belt would keep drivers or passengers from being ejected out of a car. “Every year, more than 90 percent of all transportation-related deaths are caused by highway crashes. The single greatest defense against highway fatalities is a vehicle's seat belts. When used properly, seat belts reduce the risk of fatal injury to front seat vehicle occupants by 45 percent” (Higgins n.p.). I am a daughter of a fire chief with 25+ years of experience. My dad stresses the importance of wearing my seatbelt, because most fatal car accidents he responds to are caused from someone not wearing their seat belt. Not often does he cut someone out of a car that was wearing a seat belt, and the person dies. Not only do seat belts keep a driver or passenger from being ejected, but it keeps one from hitting the airbag wrong. Believe it or not, hitting an airbag wrong can cause damage. Therefore, to enhance a driver or passenger’s safety, they should click on their seat

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