Persuasive Essay On Segregation And Segregation

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Modern day classrooms were unheard and unseen of more than 50 years ago. If we were to travel back to the past and step foot in classrooms of that time, one theme would run throughout. More than 50 years ago, classrooms were segregated and spoke volumes about the oppression of the colored population. Before the Civil Rights Movement of 1964 and during slavery, classrooms were split up based on color and were limited resources depending on the color of their skin. (Graglia, 2014) Educating colored people wasn’t as important and in some states illegal. Many colored marched with pride for freedom over and over again. This was until May 17, 1954, when the famous case, “Brown v. Board of Education unanimously ruled “separate but equal” public schools for colored people and “white people” and that went against the constitution (Stallion, 2013). This case directly dealt directly with segregation between those of black color and those of white color. It allowed more students to study, work, and learn about each other together. As time went on, this also impacted students to keep studying and motivated students to earn higher education (Stallion, 2013). Assisting to the desegregation between colored people and “white” people, were many great public speakers. One man gave the famous, “I have a dream” speech and risked assassination (Tuck, 2014). Similarly, related to the previous topic of segregation is the segregation men and women have had to endure in education. In 1972,
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