Persuasive Essay On Self Defense

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“The two most important things to do for self-defense are not to take a martial arts class or get a gun, but to think like the opposition and know where you 're most at risk.” (Barry Eisler) The strategies on how to think like the opposition in case of an attack are essential for students to learn at the high school level. Self-defense classes will be an effective way to teach students the skills, strategies, and knowledge needed so they can properly defend themselves and others in case of an attack. Doing this through high schools allow students to maintain their busy schedules as well as teaching them in a low risk and low-cost environment where they feel comfortable to express concerns and ask questions as they learn.
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These classes will be extremely cost effective for the students that will take them. There will be several ways in which the school can obtain funding for self-defense classes so the cost for the students can be at a minimum. They are also local for the students. Having classes at the school allows students who are busy after school to still have this skill set. There is also an extreme advantage in having the class for a semester long rather than having one class or small workshop. Having repetition for the students allows for better retainment of the skills and information they will receive from this class. Teachers will be better at getting to know the students and the individual concerns and skills they have. Having the repetition over a semester long period will help students to build long-lasting confidence over time. When taking a workshop on self-defense, the confidence gained from that could dwindle quickly over time, but with taking a longer term class would allow the confidence to be more prominent and genuine for a longer time. Students are also capable of being more involved in the class and can have more detailed strategies on how to defend themselves that they can practice over and over throughout the

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