Importance Of Self Defense In Schools

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Imagine walking home from school on a dark, rainy day. When suddenly, a stranger walks up to you and attempts to drag you into his car. After the criminal successfully kidnaps you, you are condemned to a life of labor. You could have prevented this outcome if your school had classes that taught you how to defend yourself. This is one reason why self-defense class should be mandatory and included in the school’s curriculum; to teach students to defend themselves from common dangers. Self-defense classes will equip students with the knowledge to defend themselves and to anticipate everyday dangers such as bullying. Bullying is a big issue in the Philippines as 35.57% of high school students in rural areas are victims of physical abuse. The numbers given previously can be greatly reduced if the victims were practitioners of any form of self-defense. Some may argue that victims should not fight against a bully and instead report it to a teacher, but if a simple block or counter were to be used, then neither the victim nor the bully would be injured. People may also argue that the previously stated statistic only applied…show more content…
Some even claim that mandatory self-defense classes are a waste of precious time and money that is supposed to be used to learn core subjects, such as: math, science, english, and so on. However, some students may lack the time, money, and motivation needed to learn the skills needed to defend themselves. For example, students who have extracurricular activities will not have the time to attend self-defense classes if it is only available after school hours. As it is absolutely necessary to learn these skills to prepare for future dangers, I believe it is best to include mandatory self-defense classes. This way, all the students will be required to learn, ensuring that everyone will know and be able to defend themselves from dangers such as kidnapping, bullying and

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