Persuasive Essay On Self Driving Cars

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Did you know that tens of thousands of people will lose their jobs when self-driving cars hit the road? Did you know that you can buy a house for the same price as a driverless car? Self-driving cars are about to take over the highways, but these vehicles are on a course destined to crash. Not only are these cars expensive to purchase, but they will leave many without jobs and these cars will add to our already lazy do-it-for-me society. I believe that self-driving cars have no business on the road. First of all, self-driving cars will be very expensive to purchase, and most people won’t be able to afford them. According to the article (What it really costs to turn a car into a self-driving vehicle), “When you ask carmakers and industry …show more content…

True,the self driving car will give off less air pollution than the regular car, because it uses electricity instead of gas. However, the factories that make the cars will still contribute to air pollution. Another reason people like self driving cars better, is because they claim there would be less accidents each year. Most accidents are caused by human error. But, according to the article (A Google Self-Driving car caused a crash for the first time), “California DMV filing first reported by writer Mark Harris, one of Google’s self-driving Lexus SUVs drove into the side of a bus at low speed.” Lastly, some may say that one could be more productive in a self driving vehicle because the computer is in charge of the wheel. However, computers are unreliable and malfunction all the time, and your car would be a computer. No one wants to experience a computer crash that could kill you. In conclusion, I believe that we need to keep self-driving cars off the road because, these cars will be too expensive, they will put many jobs at risk and they will contribute to an already lazy society. I understand that the idea of self-driving cars is exciting and new, but we are better off with a human behind the wheel as we drive into the

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